Lisa and Mona (Breast Expansion, Lactation, Age Regression)

Breast expansion with a sweet, milky heart

Contains breast expansion, lactation, and age regression. 83 pages.

While trying out a free hypnosis file from the internet, Mona grows huge breasts: just the kind she needs to get the promotion she's been looking for. However, larger breasts come with an inconvenient side effect: massive lactation.

As Mona tries to control her leaking breasts, her roommate, Lisa, can't get enough of them. Lisa desperately wants to drink Mona's milk, but, too embarrassed to admit it, tries to drink it in other ways.

Will Lisa be able to admit her shameful craving for Mona's milk? Will Mona learn to control her lactating breasts? How big will Mona get before the story reaches its heartbreaking climax?

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