Juicy, Chapter 1 (Blueberry Inflation)

If she doesn't come, she'll explode.

Contains blueberry inflation, breast expansion, and parody fantasies of doctor examinations, sexually ambiguous males, and intercourse between parents. Part one of the Juicy Series. 34 pages.

Her life altered by a childhood accident, Viola's body continuously produces blueberry juice, swelling her up and turning her skin blue. As she grows up, Viola discovers that there's one way to expel all the juice from her body in one blast: masturbation.

Now, out of college and struggling at her crummy job, Viola has less free time than ever. The juice is building up again, and no matter what Viola does, she's getting bigger and bigger every day.

Can Viola figure out what's wrong with her before she pops, or worse, loses her job?

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